Lobau Listening Comprehensions (LLC) is a site-specific, acoustic investigation of the Lobau, the Vienna Danube floodplains. We collect sounds. We listen to personal experiences, more-than-human voices, ecological conditions, political negotiations as well as historical events.


September 2023
Live Radio Show

August 2023
Gerti Jam Session

LLC goes Feldversuche
August 2023
Bike Ride and Symposium

July 2023
What if we had a packet of Instant Swamp Mix and poured it into the Lobau?
Sound Walk

June 2023
Stiftungspreis der Stadt Wien für das LLC “Forschungsdesign”

May 2023
Gerti, the Lobau Cyborg, shows their first signs of live

April 2023
LLC project starts at the Unversity of Applied Arts Vienna

(C) LLC, Fasangartenarm, 2023